Natalina Lanzillotta was raised in Vaughan, Ontario. Ms. Lanzillotta was inspired to enter into the field of real estate sales by her parents. At a young age she would attend showings with them and sit at the negotiation table in their regular property purchases. This inspired Ms. Lanzillotta to pursue a career in design, which blossomed into a career in real estate sales.

She proceeded to take work in the field, having served on the teams of numerous design studios.  Her career in sales began when she assisted a real estate salesperson renovate a home for resale. When she witnessed the positive interactions between the salesperson and clients and the versatility of the role, Ms. Lanzillotta fell in love.

Ms. Lanzillotta possesses an extensive attention to detail and always goes the extra mile to ensure the satisfaction of her clients. She is a fresh breath of air in such a cut-throat field. She has combined her two passions, interior design and real estate to better suit her clients. With her extensive knowledge in the Ontario building code, she can assist her clients in making a informative decision on the right property.

Her hard work, charisma, and true passion for her business has helped Ms. Lanzillotta successfully complete transactions; whether it be navigating the way for first time buyer, trying to score the perfect property, or providing advice in investment, she is happy to guide you into the right path.